Ghada Melek has a well-known reputation in her community and beyond as a strong advocate for Canadian unity and believes our diverse cultures can be enriching as we join hands to share the Canadian dream together.


In a community where many of its residents have left tyranny and persecution  and chosen Canada as their new home, Ghada brings her own experience, understanding and willingness to serve -  ensuring that Canada’s rich heritage, values and freedoms are preserved and protected.


Ghada is a committed and principled conservative who will represent ALL her constituents effectively and faithfully.  She promises to be accessible and connected, keeping Mississauga Streetsville residents fully informed as to what’s going on in Ottawa and constantly seeking their input as their elected representative.


I have no hesitation in recommending Ghada Melek for member of parliament for the district of Mississauga-Streestville and feel confident she will be an real asset to Canada and the Conservative Party of Canada


Irving Weisdorf

Founder and CEO of The Mozuud Freedom Foundation; and

CEO of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation 

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