Over the past four years, Canadians have found themselves working harder than ever, yet they feel they are falling further and further behind.

Justin Trudeau promised Canadians that he would be different, and that he understood the challenges facing the middle class, but he was not as advertised.

A Conservative government will help you get ahead by:

  • Introducing a universal tax cut that will benefit all families with particular focus on low and middle income brackets.

  • Introducing the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and the Children’s Arts & Learning Tax Credit which can also be applied towards summer camp and after school activities

  • Introducing the Green Public Transit tax credit

  • Increasing government contribution to RESP by 50%

  • Taking the taxes off of your parental benefits

  • Taking the GST off of your home energy bill

  • Easing the stress test off of first time home buyers

  • Increasing the age amount for seniors by $1000/yr

Our plan for the environment


  • Under Justin Trudeau's plan, Canada is failing to hit our Paris Agreement targets. A carbon tax will make virtually no contribution to the global fight against climate change, but will make life more expensive for Canadian families and small businesses.

  • A Conservative government will get rid of the carbon tax and instead, focus on 3 approaches to combating climate change: promoting the development of green technology, exporting our environmental excellence and taking the climate fight globally, and focusing on cleaner, greener environment here at home 

  • We will create an incentive for making the right choices by introducing the Green Public Transit tax credit and the Green Home Renovation tax credit

Law and Order


  • ​A Conservative government will take action to make it easier for police to target gang members and put them where they belong: behind bars.

  • We will aslo end automatic bail for those accused of gang crime and create tougher sentences for violent crimes to make our communities safe.



  • We will work immediately to restore the fairness, order,and compassion of our immigration system.

  • With baby boomers retiring, we will need the world’s best and brightest to
    choose Canada. Immigration, done right, is good for the economy, jobs, and for the people who have chosen to come to Canada.

  • Andrew Scheer has committed to setting immigration levels consistent with what
    is in Canada’s best interests. 

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