As a Peel LGBTQ+ education advocate with a national media presence, I have known Ghada and her family for the past 10 years, and on numerous occasions, Rob, myself and our kids have always been very welcomed in her home. At no time did Ghada express any sentiments of stigma or prejudice towards us as individuals or as a family.  

The quotes referenced in the media are obviously taken out of context. It has been our experience that they neither reflect who she is nor her beliefs.


In discussing sexual education with Ghada, when the issue was still fresh in 2015, as a mother she was largely focused on delivering the right message at the right point in time.  She believes that schools need to foster an environment of love, empathy and compassion towards all children.


We both agree that some of the debate commentary was a little over the top when they said parents are not qualified to tell their kids their beliefs, morals and values.  We both believe that our society would be in big trouble if the state ever comes out with this position." --


Paul Skippen

Inaugural winner of the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business Leader award. 

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