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  • I am a pro-Life, pro-family, pro-Canadian Conservative, and am proud to belong to a big tent party that is open to different points of view where these issues are concerned.


  • I am opposed to Bill C-6 as I believe it is very unfair to parents and to the very people it claims to protect.  I believe that “Conversion Therapy” in itself is a bad practice; however, Bill C-6 blends too much under the definition of the term, thereby criminalizing spiritual and psychological counselling to those who may need it most. As a result, it leaves them vulnerable and blocked from seeking help.


  • I am utterly concerned about the passing of Bill C-7 which is turning Canada into one of the world’s most extreme countries in the application of euthanasia laws. This bill allows people with mental health issues as well as incompetent people to make decisions about ending their lives through MAiD (medical assistance in dying). 

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  • Many people want to save the world but wouldn’t put the effort to make their bed in the morning. This attitude applies smack-on to alarmist environmentalists who believe that killing our energy industry is the only way to prove we are serious about protecting the environment. It is the responsibility of all of us to keep the world a better place for the next generation, but until 100% of Canadians have clean drinking water, we have not yet dealt with the basics.


  • I ran as a candidate in the last election on a platform that opposed the Carbon Tax, and I continue to believe that a tax is never the answer. Having worked with the Mining and Oil & Gas industries for over a decade, I have seen how the private sector can innovate to meet tighter environmental regulations.



  • I totally oppose censorship of the media, including social media, where the exchange of ideas is the only way to advance our society forward, and to help us examine our own thoughts and beliefs in light of what we encounter in the marketplace of ideas.



  • Having immigrated to Canada to flee persecution, I believe that cancel culture brings a new form of persecution to those who hold different views from the publicly acceptable. I stand strongly against cancel culture since it’s a fundamental right of every Canadian to be able to express their views and beliefs without fear of retaliation.

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