I have known Ghada for more than twenty years, first as a close family friend and lately as an active member of the CANADIAN COPTIC CENTRE which I had the privilege to attend in many occasions. 

Ghada is always doing her best and sincere effort in supporting us
to help poor people in UPPER Egypt through Al-Ashraf Foundation, for which I’m one of the founders, with a mission TO HELP UNDERPRIVILEGED PEOPLE HAVE A BETTER LIFE based on humanitarian factors.

Recently, in a political context, Ghada participated in presenting input from Egyptian Canadians during the drafting of Egypt’s constitution in an effort to support religious minorities, protect human rights, promote equality and achieve justice for every one.

Ghada holds strong family values and a world view that is aligned with most Middle Eastern Canadians. I trust she will represent the people of the district honorably and ensure that their voices are heard. 


Ghada has the drive and common-sense approach needed to make a measurable impact in the future of our region and community. I cannot stress enough my confidence in Ghada and I wish her all the best in her political career.

Sherif Mohamed Fakhry Younes
MP Egyptian parliament AND Founder of AL ASHRAF FOUNDATION

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